What is the process of getting to the resort from the airport?

Most guests choose to fly into Puerto Plata International Airport (POP). From there, it is approximately a 30-40 minute drive. Your transportation will be provided free of charge to and from Puerto Plata International Airport when you book through us. A shuttle van will be awaiting for you at the airport. After you pass through the Customs and Immigration Area, you will enter the Luggage Pickup Area. Get your luggage, and proceed outside the terminal building. Look for the transportation host. He or she will have a “Name Sign” with my last name “Mahrer”, along with your family name on it . You will be taken directly to the resort. Please let the driver know that you need the VIP check-in.
If you would like to use Santiago (STI) as your landing airport, please note that you will not be provided with transportation to the resort. While it may cost less for the flight tickets, taxi service from STI to the resort may cost up to and above $120.00.

What credit cards are accepted at the resort for the all-inclusive fees?

The resort accepts all major credit and debit cards, including Discover Card. They also accept American dollars, Dominican Pesos and American Express Travelers Checks. However, they will charge government sales tax (up to 18%) if paying with a credit card. I recommend cash.

Will we get a golf cart?

Positively, YES! Our guest(s) will get a golf cart to use when staying in a Villa at no charge . As a Shareholder, this is one of the VIP privileges we pass on to our guest(s). There are no other ways to receive golf carts while staying at the resort.

Will there be internet service at the resort?

Internet access is available in all of the VIP Beaches, the VIP Pool, the Tropical Lobby. In the Tropical Lobby, there are computers that VIP guests can use for free. There is also free high speed wireless available in VIP World and VIP Sports Bar. You can also buy internet service from the sales person at the gift shop, located by Casablanca. Internet service is included when booking a Villa or the Presidential Suites.

What if I want to stay more or less than 1 week?

The minimum stay is 4 nights. For guests who would like to extend their stay, we will work with the resort to keep you in the same accommodation. Please take note that we are not able to guarantee any or the same accommodation type based on resort availability. In available cases, we will simply adjust the price to a daily rate for your accommodation type.

What if I want to bring my infant?

You can also bring your infants. The resort will provide you with a crib and highchair at no extra charge.

Is there a medical clinic?

Yes, there is a medical facility on the resort grounds; however, they are independent from the resort. There may be extra fees for supplies and treatment, if needed.

Are there beach towels available or do we need to bring them?

The resort supplies beach towels. Leave yours at home! The maid will give you as many as you need . There are also beach towels located at the VIP Beach for you.

Can I receive your VIP benefits if I’m already booked with someone else?

No, we are sorry. The only way to receive our benefits is to book through us. There is no way of paying a fee just to use our VIP benefits.

How do I make dinner reservations?

Dinner reservations are made through Reception in the area in which you are staying. When you are staying in the Villas, you will make all of your dinner reservations through your VIP representative assigned to you at check-in time. We strongly recommend that you book your dinner reservations as soon as possible upon arrival. You can make your reservations for the entire length of your stay at one time. Please note: We are unable to arrange and make reservations for you prior to your arrival. We are unable to guarantee that you will get into each restaurant you want. Reservations are based on availability at the time of your stay.

Should I bring my medicines and toiletries?

We advise that you bring any regular medications and prescribed medications with you. There is a medical clinic and a shop on the resort grounds, however, costs of such things are not the same as the area where you live. Some medications and treatments may be cheaper, while others may be more costly. It is always best that your bring what you know you may need.

Can I get the Limo or Helicopter for airport pickup?

I am sorry to say no we are not able to request this anymore. The resort is a member-based resort and actual members and shareholders are currently the only eligible people to receive this benefit.
However, keep in mind that we ARE able to get you the free VIP shuttle van for your airport pick-up from POP airport.

Is there a dress code for the Restaurants and is this enforced?

Yes, there is a dress code and is strongly enforced at the following restaurants: Azul, Jazz, Gourmet, Moomtaz, Rodizio, El Pilon & Intimates. Gentlemen are required to wear long pants.
All air-conditioned restaurants are semi-formal. All open-air restaurants are casual.

MasterCard & Visa cards in the signature area of the back of the card. Amex & Discover on the front of your American Express credit card above the credit card number.

CVV location The Card Verification Value (CVV) is an additional three-digit security code that is printed (not embossed) on the back of your card. The CVV is an extra security measure to ensure that you are in possession of the card.CVV