V.I.P. Beaches

All the VIP beaches are equipped with FREE Wi-Fi internet access.

V.I.P. Beach

Everyone can enjoy the beauty and relaxing nature of V.I.P Beach, but with V.I.P. Benefits, enjoy access to an exclusive area filled with special loungers, and let the resort’s staff wait on your every need.

V.I.P. NV Beach

This is for Member’s Only and Special Guests! Conveniently located steps Cofresi Palm Beach & Spa Resort and Ocean Suites, prepare to be treated like royalty at Lifestyle’s newest V.I.P. NV Beach. With Fadi’s Food Corner and The Corner Bar, you can soak up the sun, have a refreshing cocktail or two, eat some delicious pizza. Undoubtedly, you will be the talk of “envy” amongst all your friends.

V.I.P. Serenity Beach

V.I.P. Serenity Beach has been recently opened as a new, exclusive beach for V.I.P. Members only. At Serenity Beach, Members can truly be at peace with the calm waves of the Caribbean ocean, take a relaxing walk in the golden soft sand, and sleep on the private loungers and hammocks.

If it is food you crave, you are in for a sweet treat at the Crepes Bar. Let the chef know what’s on your taste palate – you can request for anything as sweet as the Elvis Presley (bananas and peanut butter) or as savory as the Ham and Cheese crepe. Or head over to the Oyster Bar, where you can taste some of the most succulent, freshly-caught oysters you will ever have. Garnish it with some hot sauce, and your mouth will be craving some more!

Don’t miss out on V.I.P. Serenity Beach. It’s the only place where you can find tranquility.

V.I.P. Harmony Beach

LHVC presents V.I.P. Harmony Beach as one of its most upscale beaches offering only the most exclusive access with a relaxing atmosphere, luxurious amenities, and five-star services.

Harmony Beach provides Members with an upscale, elegant atmosphere serving up first-class food and beverage services, deluxe loungers, and jacuzzi’s overlooking the ocean with the most breath-taking views.

• Elegant beach furniture, swinging beds and hammock
• Giant cool water Jacuzzi
• Scoops – Ice Cream Bar – WiFi
• Breezy Blends Bar (Frozen Drinks Bar) – WiFi
• Beach Avenue Grill (Light Fare) – WiFi
• Beach Butler

V.I.P. Lifestyle Beach

V.I.P. Lifestyle Beach is the ultimate beach party! Rock on and be prepared to dance to the vivacious music. Test your athletic abilities with a few rounds of beach volleyball.

Meet and mingle with Members from all around the world.  V.I.P. Lifestyle Beach is your ideal combination of fun in the sun and sea.

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