V.I.P. Restaraunts & Bars

V.I.P. and Special Guest Exclusive:

V.I.P. Simply Gourmet (Steak and Seafood) – V.I.P World

Intimates (Seafood) – Inside Blue Lagoon

Jazz (French Fusion) – Presidential Suites

Blues Restaurant & Kosher Kitchen – Presidential Suites

Rodizio (Brazilian Churrascaria) – Cofresi Palm – V.I.P. section and Cellar Table

Skewers (Mediterranean Cuisine) – Serenity Beach (Seasonal)



V.I.P. and Special Guest Exclusive:

Beach Avenue Grill – Harmony Beach

V.I.P. Sports Bar – V.I.P World

Zen (Sushi & Asian bar) – V.I.P Beach

Coconuts Grill – Serenity Beach

Scoops (Cold Stone Ice Cream) – Harmony Beach

Tapas Lounge (Spanish Inspired Appetizers) – Cofesi Palm

Oh Crepes! (Gourmet Crepes) – Serenity Beach

The Corner – Cofresi Palm (V.I.P NV Beach)

Half Shell Oyster Bar – Serenity Beach

Liam’s on the Go (Fast Food) – V.I.P Lifestyle Beach

Spirits Beach Bar – Nirvana Beach – Punta Cana



V.I.P. and Special Guest Exclusive:

Cafe Java (Coffee Bar) – 2nd Floor of The Tower

Fruit Smoothie (Smoothie Bar) – 2nd Floor Outside Patio of The Tower

Celebrations (Champagne Bar) – 3rd Floor of The Tower

Essence (Wine Bar) – V.I.P Villa Lounge in V.I.P World

Cosmopolitans (Martini Bar) – V.I.P Pool

The Spot (Hookah & Vodka Bar) – Balcony Level of V.I.P Pool

Bubbles (Champagne Bar) – V.I.P Beach

Mixology (Cocktail Bar) – V.I.P Beach

On the Rocks (Rum Bar) – Serenity Beach

Las Palmas (Vodka Bar) – Serenity Beach

Breezy Blends Bar (Frozen Drinks Bar) – Harmony Beach

Bourbon Street Bar (Bourbon Bar) – Presidential Suites

The Corner Bar – Cofresi Palm – V.I.P NV Beach – Inside Fadi’s Food Corner

Liam’s Beach Bar (Frozen Drinks) – V.I.P Lifestyle Beach

The Cellar (Wine Bar) – Codresi Palm Inside Rodizio


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