Buffet Style


Dominican Menu

Bread Station (Estación de panes)
Casava  (Casabe)


Salad Choices:
Russian, Cesar, Ceviche, Chef options

The Hot:
Vegetables  (Vegetales)
Rice with beans (Moro de guandules)
Green  Bananas & Yuca (Guineos verdes + yuca)
Beef fillet with Pepper Sauce (Bistec a la pimienta)
Salmon or  Mero in – Sauce  (Mero o salmon en salsa)
Lasagna  (chef option)
Marinated Chicken Breast (Pechuga de pollo marinada)
Grilled Dominican Pork (Cerdo Asado)

Assorted Pastries

Fresh Brew Dominican Coffee & Tea

US $55
Per person +18% taxes

International Menu

Cream of Cauliflower

Bread Station 

Salad Choices:
Caesar Salad
Italian Caprese Salad
Russian Salad
Greek Salad
Bahamian Seafood Salad

 Hot International Items:
Chicken Parmesan (Italy)
Sesame Crusted Tilapia (Singapore)
Beef Kefta Brochettes (Middle East)
Fillete of Beef, green pepper sauce (France)
BBQ Braised Pork Chops (USA)
Grilled Mediterranean Mix Vegetable with aromatic spice (Mediterranean)
Saffron Rice (Dubai)

Assorted Pastries

Fresh Brew Dominican Coffee & Tea

US $48
Per person +18% taxes

Seafood Menu

Seafood potage

Bread Station

Salad Choices:
Fresh Conch Salad
Citrus Vinaigrette Seafood Medley Salad
Spicy Tuna Pasta Salad
Norwegian Smoked Salmon Wraps
Organic Vegetarian Salad
(Tomato, cucumber, Lettuce, Onion) and 2 Assorted Dressings

The Hot Items:
Calamari A la Plancha
Char- Grilled Caribbean Spiny Lobster (Seasonal)
Gulf Shrimp Fettuccini Alfredo
Sea Bass Fillet, Buere Blanc Sauce
Moules Marinieres (Bay Clams)
Rice Pilaf
Sautéed Mix Seasonal Vegetable
Garlic Roasted Mashed Potatoes

Assorted Pastries

Fresh Brew Dominican Coffee & Tea

US $82
Per person +18% taxes

Vegetarian Buffet

Vegetable soup

Salad Choices:
Tomatoes and Cucumbers
Beet Salad
Served with three different dressings of your choice.

The Hot Items:
Curry Vegetable kabobs
Saffron rice with grapes
Garden mixed vegetables on the grill
Spicy curried potatoes
Eggplant Parmesan
Stuffed peppers with rice and beans
Green beans casserole au gratin with béchamel sauce and fried onions

Assorted Bread and Pastries

Fresh Brew Dominican Coffee & Tea

US $56.54
Price per person including taxes

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